How To Eat Sugar Cane?A Comprehensive Guide 2023

The joys of biting into a sugarcane and tasting its sweet liquid. Who doesn’t love to bite into a nice long sugarcane to sink their teeth into it and fill the mouth with some sweet juice that rolls down the throat?

There, we got your mouths watering, didn’t we? But while we all love enjoying an afternoon tasting this sugarcane juice, sadly not many of us know how to eat sugarcane and enjoy its juice. 

And if you are reading this article right now, perhaps you are also one among them and so in that case, here is an article for you. 

What Is Sugar Cane?

No, unlike what we think, this is a kind of perennial grass, just like we have bamboo, with a stem that provides a natural source of sugar. 

It is widely grown in different parts of Brazil and India, where the sugarcane stalks are eaten raw since they are sweet. 

In fact, for those looking forward to learning how to eat sugarcane, know that this is the best and easiest way, so read on as we teach you more about it. 

Types Of Sugar Cane

If you are the kind that eats sugarcane just a couple of times a year, you would probably describe it as a long and sweet cane, not knowing that there are several types with significant differences among them. 

So, come along and we’ll have a peek into these different types. First there are those that are made for chewing, with soft centers that you can bite into after which you spit it out. 

Then, there are some that don’t crystallize easily and so are ideal for making syrups. And finally, there are those that we call crystal canes. These include a high concentration of sucrose and hence used for making table sugar, yes the kind that we put in our tea. 

So, from this, we see that the latter two types serve more of a commercial purpose than the former, which comes with a skin that is easy to peel and pulp that is easy to chew. 

Let’s save the detailed information about each category for another day, as these can be further divided into different categories such as white transparent, Georgia red, home green, and yellow gal.

Meanwhile, let’s learn the more interesting part, that is, how to eat the sugarcane. After all, this is what you are looking forward to, aren’t you? 

How To Eat Sugar Cane?

Small bites please. Now, chew, enjoy the juice and then spit. Well, most of you would already know this, but adding it for the safety of the few who don’t. Make sure that you leave out the rind, for this is not for you to eat. 

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Now, there are some of you who do not enjoy sugarcane like this and know that your feelings are understood and respected.

Perhaps the sight of that chewed on piece in the bowl leaves you disgusted, or you don’t like the fact that you are chewing on something which you are only going to have to spit.

Don’t worry, for if that is the case, know that there are other ways in which you can enjoy sugarcane and so, read on to see some of it.Also, see more about What Is Winter Cabbage?

How To Prepare And Eat Raw Sugarcane!

First peel You cannot be eating the sugarcane with the skin, so keep the knife ready. The flesh that you finally get to bite into is known as the bagasse and just in case you didn’t know, it is sweet. 

And if you are not the kind that likes chewing on the hard cane, then you can use a skewer or a swizzle stick in order to extract the juice. 

Or why not prepare some juice, mixed with lemon and ginger and maybe a little mint. Try this especially in the summer and you are sure to be refreshed by this simple sugarcane drink.

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Health Benefits Of Eating Sugar Cane

For one the juice comes loaded with a lot of electrolytes to keep you hydrated. So, if you forget to drink water, this sweet juice perhaps saves you.

This way you get to escape the unwanted urinary tract infections and even worse, the kidney stones. The process strengthens your liver, gives your skin a glow, and makes you feel healthier and happier all day.

There, now don’t you feel like going and having some more sugarcane juice? Hey, before you go, let us not forget that sugarcane juice protects your teeth and your overall weight, so you can stay slim with a beautiful smile always. 

How To Eat Sugar Cane?(FAQ)

Stay on. We know you are excited, but before you go and get your hands on a sugarcane, perhaps you would want to have a look at these few faqs. 

Can We Eat Raw Sugarcane?

Yes, and in fact, this is one of the best ways to enjoy your sugarcane, unlike all the fancy recipes that you try out with sugarcane. And it is one of the easiest ways to eat it too. Just peel, bite and spit. Simple, isn’t it? 

Do You Eat Sugar Cane Or Just Chew On It?

Please do not eat. You are only to chew on it. Swallowing the pulp is going to bring with it some major consequences from headaches and dizziness to insomnia and an upset stomach. 

And to be honest, sugarcane after some time of chewing loses its taste and is anyway hard to swallow, so you wouldn’t want to do something like that, would you? 

Who Should Not Eat Sugarcane?

Someone who does not like sugarcane! Jokes apart, someone with diabetes must stay away from sugar, and this is something you should understand by its very name. 

Those with heart disease would be doing the wiser thing by avoiding sugar cane too. So, if you come under any of the above categories we profusely apologize for having to disappoint you. 


Finally, we have learned how to eat sugarcane. So, now you can go ahead and get one for yourself.

In case you are living in a country where sugarcane is available, make the most of it and get some for your loved ones living in a country where it is not available.

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