What is a Saladito? Its Health Benefits and Nutrition Value

Among different types of dry fruits, one is Saladitos. It is famous in different parts of the world for its special taste, flavor, and health benefits. Saladitos have different varieties. All these varieties have some common differences.

Because of these differences, many people want to know more about this dry fruit. Here in this article, I am going to tell you what is a Saladito, how to eat Saladitos, its nutrition, and its health benefits. So, let’s start.

What is a Saladito

What is a Saladito?

Saladito is a Mexican dry fruit with a salty taste. This dry fruit is the dry condition of plum. Though this is known as a Mexican food item, it is famous in many countries. Besides Mexico, China is also a producer of Saladito.

Chinese version of this has some specialties that are absent in Mexican ones. Both have different tastes and flavors.

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What is Saladito Made of?

Some most common ingredients people use in it. This is a very simple and common process to make Saladito. The ingredients used in Saladito are discussed below.

  • Plum:  This is the main element of Saladito. People use Plum fruit as the main element. This fruit is used in dry conditions.
  • Salt: Salt is used in almost all food items to increase the salty taste. In Saladito, salt is a must-needed ingredient. The name of this food suggests that it is made of salt. The English meaning of the Spanish word Salado is salt.
  • Sugar: Some Saladito has some sweetness. In them, very little sugar is used. Some people love this element in this fruit.

How to Eat Saladito

There are different ways to eat this dried salted fruit. Among them, some are especially famous. The people of different parts of the world love its different ways to eat. Here are some ways of eating Saladitos.

With Juice or Sauce

This is one of the best methods to eat Saladitos. In this method, the manufacturer packs the dry fruits in a plastic bag with some juice or sauce in it.

People eat this with that juice. There are different ways to eat this juice or sauce. Some people eat the Saladitos and leave the juice to eat with any other fruits. Other people love eating juice first then eat the Saladitos.

With soft drinks

Soft drink is also a very good eating partner of Saladitos. Some people love eating these dry fruits poured into soft drinks. They love the taste of this way of eating. In this way, Saladitos changes the flavor of the drink, and also the drink changes the taste of Saladitos.

Saladitos with other Fruits

Some juicy fruits like oranges or limes are also a good friend of Saladitos when eating. Some people love eating this very much. The process is very simple, they cut a part of Orange and push the Saladitos into it.

They wait for some time now. In the meantime, Saladitos absorb some juice from the Orange. Now the salty taste of Saladitos and the special juice of Orange both make a special flavor for them.

Saladito Nutrition Facts

Saladito Nutrition Facts

The nutritional value of a food is very important to know. Here we are going to show you the nutritional value of Saladito. So, let’s start.

  • Calories: One piece of saladito has 57 calories. The number of calories is really high in value because plum is a small fruit. If you do cycling for 8 minutes then you will need 57 calories.
  • Fat: The fat in it is also very high. It has 46% fat of one Saladito’s total weight. For this reason, you have to avoid eating more Saladito if you are already fat. The amount of fat in one Saladito is almost 3g.
  • Carbohydrate: Saladito is the source of another food element in high ratio. That is carbohydrates. It has almost 7g of carbohydrates which is almost 47% of its total weight.
  • Protein: This dry fruit has only 1g of protein. This is very important for our body.
  • Sodium: The sodium level in Saladito is also very low. It has only 9mg of sodium. This should help our body more.

Health Benefits of Saladito

Health Benefits of Saladito

Every food should have some health benefits. They should work for our bodies. Out today’s food is a dry fruit item called Saladito. It has many health benefits that can surprise you. Here are some health benefits of Saladito.

High Calories

What calories do with our body is known to all of us. It helps us to work hard and for a long time. One healthy adult needs 2000-3000 calories daily. Rice and bread are the main sources of calories in our bodies.

But besides them, we need more supporting calories. Saladito can be a great source of calories for us. If you eat two Saladito a day then you will get almost 115 calories.

High Carbohydrates

Normally, carbohydrate is very important for our body. It increases the glucose levels in our body and helps us to be strong and energetic. But for diabetics patients, this is totally the reverse. The glucose is bad for them. So, if you are a diabetics patient then avoid Saladito because it has a very high level of carbohydrates.

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How do you eat a saladito?

To eat a saladito, remove it from its packaging and rinse it thoroughly. Then, you can eat
it plain or sprinkle it with chili powder or lime juice for extra flavor. Some people also like to suck on saladitos to release salt and flavor before enjoying it.

Where did saladitos come from?

Saladitos, also known as salted plums, originated in Asia and have been consumed for centuries. They were introduced to Mexico through trade routes and have become a popular snack in Mexican cuisine.

How long does it take to make saladitos?

Saladitos are typically made by drying salted plums in the sun for several days, and the exact time it takes can vary depending on the weather and humidity. Generally, it takes anywhere from 3 to 5 days to make saladitos.


Saladito has fewer health benefits than the health risk. High fat and high carbohydrates are both very dangerous for our health. Moreover, it has less protein and sodium which are important.

So, besides reading the health benefits of Saladito, try to read about the health risks of it too. I hope now you know what is a Saladito and other important information about it. Thanks for reading.

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