What is almond ding With Pictures and Video (fooddevise)

Almond ding is an Asian cuisine. If you are interested in Asian cooking, you may have heard a little bit about it and wondered what is almond ding? If you are interested to know about almond ding in detail, different approaches, cooking recipes or the nutritional value, you can get all the ideas from here. To know more, just go through the article to the end!

What is Almond Ding

What is Almond Ding?

Almond ding is an Asian stir fried dish. The word “ding” is a common term which refers to stir fried food and in a ding dish, people dice the chicken or other meat into little cube sizes. This is actually a dish that includes fried meat with some vegetables as well as some crunchy elements like nuts. There exists different versions of almond ding also depending upon the protein you are going to use, for example chicken almond ding: pork almond ding or shrimp almond ding. Though the main ingredients may differ, it’s still the same dish with other ingredients. Hence, an almond ding is actually a dish with marinated fried meat, flavorful vegetables carrying different textures and flavor mixed and balanced together.

Making of Almond Ding

Almond dish is a classic dish you may want to make. This dish can be a good choice for your dinner. In fact ,It is quite easy to pull off , if you just follow the steps correctly. Here, in this section we would like to give you some instructions to make almond ding. Finally the instructions may go as follow:


To make this dish, you will need chicken, vegetables, cornstarch, soya sauce, garlic clove, onion, oyster sauce, sesame oil, chicken broth, nuts, butter, sugar, egg white etc.

Steps to Follow

A few steps to make this dish can follow as below:

  • At first, you need to marinate the chicken with soya sauce, garlic and cornstarch. You can even marinate overnight. Indeed, the more time you spend marinating, the better the chicken will be.
  • Next to that, you may want to cut your vegetables in vegetable cube bite size. Some typical vegetables in almond ding may include pepper, cabbage, bamboo shoot, celery etc. Keep them aside.
  • Then heat oil in a wok and put the chicken and nuts there. Fry them till they are golden brown. Be sure to not overcook them
  • Then add all the vegetables and fry them till the vegetables are soft and the sauce is thick.Finally, add some garnish.


After finishing cooking the dish you can serve the dish over some rice on a plate. The chicken is generally put in the middle of the plate of rice. But you can place it as an independent dish itself.

What is Ding Sauce?

Many a time, people use a special sauce called ding sauce in this dish. However, This sauce is quite simple to make. For making this sauce, you will just need a few elements like nuts, butter and sugar. To enhance the nutty and crunchy flavor of the nut, you should first roast the nuts in the butter. Then you may add sugar and stir until the sauce is thicker. People use this sauce to initially coat the meat, but you can also coat your vegetables of you want.

Guy Ding vs. Chop suey

In Chinese cuisine, almond ding goes by the name guy ding. Chop suey means a certain type of chow mein. This chop suey dish includes crunchy pan fried noodles, some vegetables and any type of meats.

For making this recipe, the noodles are stir fried for at least 5 minutes so that the noodles gets softened and fried. Then you need to add the vegetables, egg and other ingredients immediately. When the vegetables and meat look sautéed enough, the dish is ready to serve. For chop suey, people serve an omelet in the middle of the plate. In guy ding, people stir fry marinated chicken or other meat with vegetables and other ingredients as we have discussed in one of our previous sections.

What’s in a Chicken Almond Ding?

Hearing the name you may have wondered if this is any other dish from a traditional ding dish. However The answer is no, it’s not any different dish. In a chicken almond ding, the main ingredient which is meat happens to be chicken. Other than that, there is no other difference in the recipe.

Nutritional value of The Dish

Nutritional value of The Dish

The Chinese people believe that nuts are good for your health. Therefore, they like to add the nuts in probably every possible dish. As almond ding contains nuts, it is a good choice for health.

This dish contains elements from every food group such as carbohydrate, protein, fat etc. From one serving of this dish, one can get 37 gram protein, 68 gram carbohydrate, 15 gram of fat and you can get other important elements like sodium, cholesterol etc. All of this may add up to 500 calories approximately. As this dish contains elements from every food group you can consider it as a balanced and healthy dish. One serving of this dish can contribute a lot towards one’s daily nutrition needs.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we can say that almond ding is a traditional and classic Asian stir fried dish. This dish is easy to make and it has got great nutritional value also. The above information will hopefully be enough to understand what almond ding is and how to make it.

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