What is Corn Bran? With Making and Its Nutrition Value

In our simple food list, we bring many items. These include proteins, fruits, vegetables, grains, and dairy. Corn Bran is a part of the grain food. Grains play a significant role in keeping our bodies healthy and fit.

This Bran is used as an ingredient in some recipes. Though it is a famous food substance, some people do not know what corn bran is. Here is an explanation of all about What it is Corn Bran?. Let us start reading about this, Bran.

What is Corn Bran?

Corn Bran is a food substance. People make this food element from the hard outer layer of corn. This Bran has various uses in food.

It is mainly used to reduce the caloric value of food. Nowadays, we find this Bran in different forms. Some brands are producing it commercially. This food substance has a huge nutritional value for human health.

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How to Use Corn Bran

Corn bran is a popular ingredient in the food industry due to its nutritional and functional benefits. It is made from the protective outer layer of the corn kernel and is an excellent source of dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

While corn bran has many health benefits, many individuals must be informed about how to use it when cooking or baking. Here are eight ways to incorporate it into your diet:

  1. Add bran to smoothies or yogurt for extra fiber.
  2. Use corn bran as a healthy and nutritious ingredient in pancake or waffle batter.
  3. Mix with your favorite cereal for an easy fiber boost.
  4. Add corn to muffin or bread recipes for a nutty and crunchy texture.
  5. Use corn to replace breadcrumbs in meatloaf or meatballs.
  6. Add corn bran to soups or stews for extra nutrition.
  7. Use corn instead of flour in pie crusts or other pastry recipes.
  8. Mix corn bran with ground meat to make healthier burger patties.
  9. It in the kitchen is an easy way to increase fiber intake and add nutritional value to your meals. Experiment with different recipes and

Nutritional Benefits of Corn Bran

Corn Bran is made from corn. From prehistoric times, people have judged corn to be very healthy. Chef uses corn in different forms and different proportions in their recipes.

For its nutritional value, corn is widely popular. We make this Bran from the hard outer surface of corn. One hundred grams of this Bran has 563 calories. Besides, it has some other nutritional value you need to know before eating it.

CaloriesThe most essential element of our food. A 100g of this has almost 536 calories. So, if you plan to use it in your food, then be aware of your diet.


Another main but unwanted element of our daily food is fat. Most of us try to avoid this and try to remove this from our food list. In the corn barn, the fat level is very high. It has 32g of fat, which is 41% of our daily needs. Of this 32g of fat, 5.4g is saturated fat.


Sodium is another food element of our body. A 100g of this has 714mg sodium in it.


You have to be aware of it if you are a diabetic patient. This brand has 54g of carbohydrates in 100g of this brand. That means it will provide you with 20% of the daily value. So, avoid overeating when you are a diabetic patient.


The proportion of protein in this brand is good enough. A 100g of this has 7.1g of protein. It has no calcium in it. The iron ratio is 1.29mg.

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How this Barn is Made?

Chef uses Corn Bran as a food ingredient in their recipes. But making bran from corns is a long and hard process. When you have to do it manually, it is a harder and longer process. For this reason, there are different types of machines to do this automatically.

How Corn Bran is Made

These machines are different, their working process is different but the result is almost the same. To make this from corn, you have to pour the corn into the machine and it will separate the bran from the other parts of corn. This is how this bran is made.

Corn Bran vs Wheat Bran:

People want to know different things about this brand. Among these public demands, corn bran vs. wheat bran is one. People want to know about this very much. We arrange a comparative study to help people know more about corn and wheat bran. Let us have a look at that comparison.

Corn BranWheat Bran
Corn Bran is the hard outer layer of corn“Wheat bran is the hard outer layer of wheat”
516 calories in every 100g216 calories in every 100g
Fat is 32g in every 100gFat is 4.3g in every 100g
Carbohydrate 54g in every 100gCarbohydrate 65 g in every 100g
Prevents a lot of problems for the human bodyBest to prevent different types of cances

What is Corn Bran?(FAQ)

Is corn bran the same as corn?

No, corn bran is not the same as corn. It is the outer layer of the corn kernel that is removed during processing, while corn refers to the whole kernel. It is often used as a source of dietary fiber.

What part of corn is the bran?

Corn does not have bran. Bran is a component of grains like wheat, rice, and oats. It has a similar component called corn bran, which is the outer layer of the kernel and contains fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

What is corn bran used for?

People use it as a dietary supplement and a source of fiber in various food products, such as bread, cereals, and snack bars. People can also use it in animal feed and as an ingredient in some industrial products.

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All the natural food is good for human beings and other animals. But we should follow health guidelines before eating. This Bran is good enough for our health. But we should eat it based on our needs.

I hope you get all the important information about corn bran. Now you know what is corn bran and what its health benefits are. You should also know about other food and food substances. Be connected with us to know all about What is Corn Bran?

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