What is the Difference Between a Plum and a Prune?

Plum and Prune are the two kinds of the same fruit. They are almost the same in taste, flavor, and other sides. But still, there are some differences between them. These differences also create some kind of confusion among these fruit lovers.

Here we are to solve that confusion and give a contrastive study between these two fruits. We will mainly discuss the differences between a Plum and a Prune. This discussion will solve the most asked question “ what is the difference between a Plum and a Prune. So, let’s start.

What is the Difference Between a Plum and a Prune

Nutrition Value

This is one of the main points where we find some differences between two foods or fruits. If we study deeply about these two fruits then we will find some difference between these two fruits in case of their nutritional value.

Prune is rich in calories. In 100g Prune, you will get almost 240 calories on the other hand 100g Plum contains only 50 calories. The fat ratio between these two is almost the same but another difference we find is in Protein and carbohydrate. 100g Prune has 2.2g protein and 64g carbohydrate.

On the other hand, 100g Plum has 0.8g protein and 12g carbohydrate. The Below table will give a detail of the difference between these two fruits.


This measurement is for every 100g of each fruit.

Size of Both the Fruits

Size of Both the Fruits

The size matters when you are thinking of judging fruit. There are different sizes of both the fruits and they have different shapes also.

Usually, a Plum is a heart shape. We can say it is like an Apple. But sometimes we find some round shaped plum also. Plum diameter is from 2 centimeters to 7 centimeters Which means here also it has a similarity with an Apple.

On the other hand, a Prune is also the same in size but there is a difference in its shape. Prune is mainly an oval shape. The size of a Prune is about 7 centimeters.

Health Benefits

In the case of health benefits, both have different values. Plum and Prune are not the same in their Food value and benefits for our health. If you study well about both the fruits then you will see Prune is rich in many food elements.

It has a high level of protein, sodium, and also many vitamins. In Prune, you will find Vitamin B1, B2, B6, and also Vitamin K. Besides them, you will also get dietary minerals in Prune. All these are very beneficial for our health.

On the other hand, You will find vitamin C in Plum at a very high level. It has other food elements at a low level. So, we can say that Prune is more beneficial for our health than Plum.

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Taste of Both the Fruits

Taste of Both the Fruits

Taste is an important aspect of fruit. Most people love this side of every fruit. As we are talking about two famous fruits Plum and Prune, we need to know both the fruit’s taste to get a clear idea. In the case of taste, Plum is mostly sweet and tart.

It has two parts, one is the skin and another is the inside part. Both have different tastes. The thin skin is tart in taste but the inside is sweet and juicy. People eat Plum fresh but some people also love to eat it as a juice, jam and in many other forms.

On the other hand, Prune has a totally sweet taste and it has less juice. People love to eat Prune in a dry mood. They have different names for dry Prune.

The Genre of Both Fruits

In the case of the genre, both Plum and Prune are the same. Actually, Pruna is a type of Plum. That means, Plum is the mother category but Prune is a subgenre of Plum. Plum is like Cherries, Peaches, and Almonds.

They belong in the same category. On the other hand, Prune is a type of Plum. Some people even say that Prune is the dry form of Plum. So, now it is clear about the genre of both the fruits.

Color of Both the Fruits

Color of Both the Fruits

The color changes based on the time of both the fruits. One fruit takes different colors in the different stages of its life. But when it is ripped, it is usually considered as the main color of that fruit. The Plum normally takes a red color when it rips. On the other hand, Prune is a blackish blue fruit. This is the color of its ripening time. But when People make it dry, the color turns black.

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Which is better, plums or prunes?

Plums and prunes are nutritious and healthy fruits, but they have different properties and uses. Plums are fresh fruits that are juicy and sweet when ripe, while prunes are dried plums high in fiber and often used for digestive health. Therefore, it is difficult to say which is better, as it depends on the individual’s preferences and needs.

Is A prune a plum?

Yes, a prune is a type of plum that has been dried.

Why are prunes not called plums?

Prunes are not called plums because they are a specific type of plum that has been dried to remove most of the water content. This results in a different taste, texture, and nutritional profile than fresh plums. Therefore, they are given a different name to distinguish them from fresh plums.


These are the main differences between two almost the same fruits. They have a lot of similarities. But they are not a matter of importance as we are talking about the differences today. These differences make the two fruits different but they are the fruits of the same genre.

You will get almost the same taste in both fruits. This is the solution to the question ‘what is the difference between a Plum and a Prune’. I hope you get your answer.

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