What Is Wensleydale Cheese? Updated 2023

We are exploring the history, taste and ways to enjoy this cheese. For most of us out there, it’s hard not to love cheese, what with the many categories and varieties that they are available in. While some are healthy, others are not so healthy.

While there are some that we find tasty, others that we see not. Yet, we all have a favorite when it comes to cheese, but then, have you heard of Wensleydale cheese? What is Wensleydale cheese? Most of you would have heard of it, which is how you would have landed on this page.

So, for all your curious people out there, you will learn about Wensleydale cheese in this article, so in the end, you can decide what you think of it.

What Is Wensleydale Cheese?

As the name suggests, this is a cheese produced in Wensleydale, located in New Yorkshire, England. What is so particular about this kind of cheese is that it is creamy and yet, at the same time, firm with a variety of tartness that makes it an excellent add-on to sandwiches.

The cheese is mild and does not dominate your sandwich, keeping it simple and yet, at the same time, adding to it a delicious quality.While some compare this to cheddar cheese, it sure differs from this kind of cheese, with its crumbly texture and unique flavor.

History Of Wensleydale Cheese

In 1150, Cistercian monks would produce this cheese from sheep’s milk. Often they would add some ewe’s milk as this would add to the flavor.

This was a practice that continued till the destruction of their monasteries in 1540. So, from this, these monks were the only ones to enjoy the secret of this recipe for over 400 years.

Later when King Henry VIII abolished the industry, the monks had to find a way to continue the recipe. They passed it on to the local farmers so their wives could continue producing the cheese.

And the practice continued when people started making it from their local and family-run farms. And this is how they managed to keep the cheese alive.

How Is Wensleydale Cheese Made?

The Wensleydale cheese is one recipe that is honored so much that it has been brought down through the times until we read about it today. First, you gently stir the milk, and then, once the curd is set, drain the whey and cut the cheese you get with a knife.

There, this is just a rough sketch of the entire. Make sure that you conduct careful research and do a good study before preparing your own Wensleydale cheese. However, here is a tip. For the best result, make sure you are using pasteurized cow’s milk.

Once done, do not allow the cheese to age (even if you have a fridge). This cheese is best when consumed then and there, for when stored over time, it can lose its flavor.Also, see more about What Is Winter Cabbage?

What Type Of Cheese Is Wensleydale?

The cheese is entirely vegetarian. It is white and has the aroma of honey and a whiff of cut grass. While the traditional cheese prepared in the past had a blue mold, we generally don’t find it tody.

is is because today, we use pasteurized cow’s milk, not the sheep’s milk they once used to make the cheese.

How Do You Eat Wensleydale?

This cheese is best when enjoyed with some sweetened crackers, though we also use it in our salads today. If you are using it in your salads, ensure it is well-crumbled; only then will it best enrich the dish with its flavor.

Some even enjoy the cheese with fruits, preparing a healthy and relishing fruit salad, which again is not a crime but a healthy and tasty option.

Wensleydale Cheese Ingredients

Since this is a kind of cheese, it is only evident that most of it is milk. And to that, some salt (remember that the cheese is salty) and a few other dairy products are added.

Of all the ingredients you have in this cheese, the one that makes it so good is the cranberries. Yes, the cheese that comes with this flavor has a taste you will love.

What is Wensleydale cheese? Be assured that this is one of the healthy varieties of cheese as it comes with some essential nutrients.Also, see more about What Is White Balsamic Vinegar?

Recipes For Wensleydale Cheese

Oh, there is so much that you can do with Wensleydale cheese. If only we had more space in this little article to tell you everything.

Wensleydale cheese recipes are simple, and you can fix a quick and easy recipe for yourself by adding this savory cheese.

Do you like pasta? Stir it in Wensleydale cheese. Or if bacon is your favorite, why not grill some and top it with Wensleydale cheese? And then, there are always biscuits that you can sprinkle with Wensleydale cheese. Now here is a task for you.

Look up the internet and find some Wensleydale cheese recipes, for there are tons of them out there, of which one is sure to become your favorite. And when you find that out, waste no time in experimenting. Go ahead and try it.


Is Wensleydale cheese salty?

Yes, it is sweet and salty, with an acidic buttery flavor. They say that for every 100 grams of this cheese, you will consume about 440 mg of salt, which is comparatively healthy when you combine this with many other famous cheese brands.

Is Wensleydale strong?

No, the cheese is not strong but comes with a texture and flavor that is mild and creamy, with a crumbly and nutty feel and an aftertaste of honey.

Is Wensleydale safe in pregnancy?

Yes, since the cheese is produced from pasteurized milk, it doesn’t threaten a woman during pregnancy. What you need to avoid, instead, is brie, mozzarella and other such kinds of cheese that come with a similar rind.


So, now you know all about Wensleydale cheese, how tasty, salty and soft it is, whether it is safe to eat, how you can best enjoy it and even how the world came about this cheese.

Now, all that is left for you to know is where to buy it from. True, this may be different from the kind of cheese you could easily find in the local store up the road, but thanks to online shopping, getting almost anything is possible today.

Browsing online, you would find this cheese available in different flavors so that you could try one for a start, and who knows, this may soon become one of your favorite ingredients that you will be tempted to add to all your dishes.

What is Wensleydale cheese? Spread the word, use it in your gourmet gifts and let your loved ones also come to know that there is another healthy and tasty cheese that you call the Wensleydale cheese.

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