What is a Crenshaw (With Pictures And Video)

Crenshaw is something that may have different meanings depending upon the perspectives. Here, we would like to give you an overall idea about what Crenshaw is. As we mainly work on food, we will try to discuss it from this angle. Still, we will give some ideas from other perspectives also. To know more, please go through the whole article.

What is a Crenshaw?

What is a Crenshaw

Crenshaw refers to a melon which has a smooth yellow skin. This resembles a lot to its parent melon Casaba. They are generally spherical in shape and have a gentle point at the end. The size varies from medium to large. They have a salmon like or peach colored flesh inside. This melon grows well in hot temperatures and warm regions. They grow from the midsummer to the Fall.

How does it Taste Like?

The peach colored flesh inside this kind of melon is sweet to taste. The inside is dense but tender. When it is ripe the melon tends to be golden yellow as well as have a waxy texture. This melon also got a mild, sweet and floral flavor with some spice forward nuances.

How to eat a Crenshaw?

This melon is edible in various ways. The fresh melon is suitable for fruit bowls or in salad. This goes perfectly with any kind of meat or seafood also. You may want to add some herbs like parsley, basil in this case. It is also eaten as an appetizer. For sweet and savory flavor you can grill it with other fruits in a skewer. Some people also make smoothies from it.

Are They Good?

Are They Good?

They are very nutritious. They are a good source of iron, vitamin B & c and potassium. Furthermore, this melon also contains antioxidants that help to keep the skin glowing and reduce the process of anti-aging. Therefore, they are good for your health.

Other Perspective of Crenshaw

As we have said before, Crenshaw is a term that varies depending upon their usages. As you scroll through the internet you will find some other variations in the word Crenshaw. Some of the famous term may include a Crenshaw weave , Crenshaw hoodie or other things as below:

Name of a Place

Crenshaw is a district in Los Angeles in southern California. This village is quite famous for its housing style

Name of a Book

A famous book exists with the name “Crenshaw” where it is the name of a cat. This book is a magical story about friendship and families.

Name of a clothing

A famous clothing brand goes by the name”Crenshaw”. They have a large variety of apparels.

You may also find this word in other aspects.

Final Thoughts

In brief, we can say that Crenshaw is a type of melon which has a good taste and flavor. You can eat in many different ways and get lots of health benefits.  Though it is mainly associated with the food, it has got other meanings also.

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