What is Fontinella Cheese? Its Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

There are a number of cheeses in the food market. All of them have different identities, tastes, flavors, and also some different features. We already discussed the difference between hoop cheese and cheddar cheese.

But here we are going to discuss another famous cheese, Fontinella. The main thing you will know in this article is what is Fontinella cheese. So, without any delay, let’s start.

What is Fontinella Cheese

What is Fontinella Cheese

Fontinella is a North American variety of cheese. The name looks like a Spanish name but is originally a North American famous food. At first, this cheese was made about a hundred years back.

But it is still famous and loved by a huge number of people around the world. Some features of this cheese make it different from the other cheeses. The melting nature of Fontinella Cheese makes it more famous.

Another specialty of this cheese is its flavor. The people who love this cheese, love its tangy flavor. This flavor makes Fontinella more attractive. Now only Seputa Cheese company produces and distributes this Cheese. Their main customers are from the USA and Canada. 

What is Fontinella Cheese used for?

There is a number of usages of Fontinella cheese in our daily recipes. We use this as a substitute of many other kinds of cheese. Many people love this cheese in their many recipes for its specialties. Here are some special usages of Fontinella in our daily foods. 

In Pizzas

The most common use of cheeses is on pizza. Cheeses make pizza more special and delicious. There is no pizza lover who doesn’t love cheese in pizza. Fontinella is also used in pizza. This makes the pizza creamy and adds a special flavor.

In Salad

Salad is another taste-adding food item besides our main food. We always try something different in our salads. Some people love cheese in the salad. In the case of salad, Fontinella is best to use. Its special flavor and fast melting ability will make it more attractive. The salad will get a specialty.

As a Substitute

In our dining table or in our kitchen, parmesan, asiago, and romano cheese are very common members. We need them regularly, but some of them may be missing on some days. But you might be surprised to hear that Fontinella Cheese can be the very same substitute for these common elements. 

So, these are the common uses of Fontinella Cheese in our daily foods. This Cheese also has a perfect combination with pasta and minestrone soup. You can also use this Cheese in these recipes.

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Nutritional Value

Nutritional Value

The nutritional value of a food is very important to know to be a health-conscious person. These people never miss this know before eating a food. Here we are discussing Fontinella Cheese. We need to know the nutritional value of this Cheese. So, let’s start.

  • Calories: A 100 g Fontinella Cheese has almost 390 calories. This can be considered as a high rate of calories.
  • Fat: This is an important food element that our body takes from food. If you take 100g Fontinella Cheese then you will get about 32g fat from it. The fat level is also very high in the Cheese.
  • Cholesterol: The cholesterol of this Cheese is at a moderate level. It has 120mg of cholesterol in 100g. 
  • Sodium: Sodium is important for our body. It has some usages in our body that have no substitution. The level of sodium in Fontinella Cheese is about high. You will get almost 800mg of sodium in 100g of it.
  • Carbohydrate:It is enriched with carbohydrates. You will get 1.8g of carbohydrates in 100g of it.
  • Protein: It has 20g protein in 100g size.

Health Benefits

The health benefits of Fontinella Cheese are huge for those who need more calories in their body and who want some fats. Here I am going to discuss the health benefits of this Cheese.

Health Benefits

High Calories

It has a huge number of calories in it. For a person who needs more calories to burn daily and has less supply of it, this will help him a lot.

The high calories of the Cheese will help you to get more energy to work. But if you are burning calories of your body and trying to follow a stick diet then you have to avoid it.

High Calcium

Calcium is very essential for our body. We need it to make our bones and teeth strong. Every person needs calcium regularly.

It is made from cow milk. Cow milk is a very powerful source of calcium. If you want to get calcium then you can take this Cheese. But you have to be aware of the bad sides of it.

High Protein

Protein is also a combination of some vitamins and other essential elements of our body. It should have a high rate of protein in the food we take to be healthy. The Cheese has a high amount of protein. This element is very beneficial for us. We can take Fontinella Cheese for its high protein.

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What is Fontinella cheese used for?

Fontinella cheese is a semi-hard cheese often used to substitute Parmesan cheese. It can be grated or shredded for pasta dishes, salads, and other savory dishes. It can also be sliced and served as a snack or appetizer.

Is fontinella a soft cheese?

Fontinella cheese is a semi-hard cheese, not a soft cheese. It is a variation of Italian Fontina cheese and is typically aged for 3-4 months.

Does fontinella cheese melt well?

Yes, Fontinella cheese melts well. It is a semi-hard cheese that melts smoothly and evenly, making it a popular choice for pizza, pasta dishes, and grilled cheese sandwiches.


In the final section of this article, I want to warn you that cheese is a very tempting and delicious food element. But it has a lot of bad sides for our health. If you have a habit of eating Fontinella Cheese or other cheeses then try to avoid it.

Because they have a high amount of Fat which creates a high health risk for our body. Now you know what is Fontinella Cheese and its other important information. To know about other things, you can come and read from us regularly.

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