What is a Deck Oven? Its Types, Advantages, and Disadvantages

We are fond of foods and tastes. We like to travel and try different foods across the globe. You worship newer tastes and visit from one place to another in search of it. We cook the same food in many ways to unlock new areas of taste. For this reason, we build many machines and cookware to cook the food better. One such kind of machine is a Deck Oven. This article will discuss What is a Deck Oven, its types, advantages, and all about it.

What is a Deck Oven

What is a Deck Oven?

A Deck Oven is a bread baking machine. It is generally used for commercial bread baking. This machine aims to create consistent heat inside the chamber. By controlling this heat as you need, you can bake super-quality bread.

We can find this machine in a bakery factory, small and large shops, pizza shops, or even homes. It is heavy-duty bread-baking equipment. If you need to bake a lot of bread, you might have one of these machines. 

How does a Deck Oven work?

This machine produces heat to bake food. It transfers heat through the foods inside the machine by blowing hot air through the foods. It can produce consistent heat for the foods. Consistency and even heat are necessary for an ideal bake. You can control the heat real well by the control knobs of this machine. An ideal deck oven consists of movable deck plates. You can circle the deck plates for better baking. The machine has a semi-automatic control panel at the body. The control panel makes it easier to operate for the users.

Types of Deck Oven

Types of Deck Oven

There are several types of Deck Ovens according to their heating methods. The size and heating methods of a machine help you to bake efficiently. These facts help you produce a large number of products in a short period. There are three heating methods that an oven can use.

Cyclothymic Oven

In this process, the oven circulates hot air throughout the chambers. Hot air circulates the inner wall of the machine. This air heats the food at a consistent rate. The oven uses a convection fan to move around the hot air.

Steam Tube Oven

This type of oven conveys heat through a tube of steam. A tube surrounds the chamber of the oven. Hot steam moves through the tube and produces heat all over the chamber. Then, at a certain point, the steam is cooled back to the water. After that, the water is heated again back to steam. In this process, the machine produces heat across the chambers. This baking process is much drier than any other type. It gives a crunchy flavor to the food.

Thermal Oil Oven

People call the final type, a thermal oil oven. In this machine, the heating device is located away from the chambers. The oil heating device heats the oil and circulates it around the chamber. The oil contains heat for much longer than steam or air. So, this type is the most efficient one. Though it is a rather complex device and it requires expert maintenance workers.

The three types vary from each other according to size, production rate, and cost. So, you have to analyze and choose the machine that suits your requirements best.

Advantages of a Deck Oven

Advantages of a Deck Oven

This machine is a heavy-duty baking machine. It can produce a high rate of goods. So, this equipment is generally bought for business purposes. Commercial advantages are the main facts of this machine. Let’s check out the advantages of a Deck Oven.

  • Energy Efficiency: Any oven needs the energy to bake goods, this machine is no exception. The energy-consuming rate should be less compared to the production rate. Then the machine proves profitable. This oven offers you excellent energy efficiency. It can save up to 75% energy. So, you get more baking goods from this oven.
  • Easy to Control: Though this is a complex machine, controlling it is rather easier. There are control knobs on the oven. You can maintain heat quite well using these knobs. So, another advantage of this machine is that you don’t need to worry about maintenance.
  • Moving Deck Plates: Moving deck plates of this machine offer you fine baking. You can move the deck plates circle-wise to distribute the heat evenly. So, with this feature, the oven offers you delicious loaves of bread.
  • Steam Retain: Another important advantage of this oven is that it retains a lot of steam. Steam produces heat. So, your machine needs much less power to produce a good rate of goods.
  • High Durability: This oven is highly sustainable. It is longer-lasting. You don’t have to buy it more often. Once you buy this machine, you can enjoy many profitable years producing goods. 
  • Profitable: Last but not least, this oven is very much profitable. It can meet your commercial purposes up to the mark. The oven has a high efficiency and production rate. These facts bring success to your bakery business.

Disadvantages of a Deck Oven

Every machine has some disadvantages. There are a few disadvantages of this oven. Let’s check it out.

  • Huge Machine: This oven is a gigantic one. So, you need a bigger shop to install it. Sometimes, this huge machine can be tricky to maintain.
  • Costly: This oven is costly baking equipment. So, you need to calculate your business issues before buying one of these ovens.
  • Need to Vent: As it is a huge machine, this is not suitable for smaller places. Sometimes, you have to set a vent to keep the environment safe.

We recommend you consider all the Pros and Cons before buying a Deck Oven for your business.


A Deck oven is necessary for baking fine bread. This machine is suitable if you wanna produce goods for commercial purposes. It offers you some excellent advantages for your business. Nonetheless, it has some disadvantages too. As you know What is a Deck Oven now, you might consider some facts before buying it. We recommend you consider your budget, the space you have, and the number of goods you wish to produce.

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