What is a Hot Plate? Types of Hot Plates and their Advantages

We are living in a world of technology. Technological equipment comforts us in every sphere of our life. Kitchen appliances are not out of this magical touch of technology. Cooking food is now made easy by the blessings of smart kitchen equipment. Hot Plate is one of them. It is a portable cooking device. In this article, we will discuss What is a Hot Plate.

What is a Hot Plate

What is a Hot Plate?

Hot Plate is a small and portable cooktop. The heating methods of this device are electric heating, induction, and gas burners. We can cook light to mass dishes using this cooker. It is easy to use as well as easy to move around. This cooker is very simple to operate. There are control knobs in it. With the control knobs, you can navigate the heat to cook your food well. Easy-to-cook buttons make it even cooler to cook. The body material of this device is heavy metal. The metal body is made of ceramics, steel, or cast iron. There can be one or two burners in this cooker.

The origin of this device is still unclear. Many believe that, in the early 20th century, this device came into existence. Nowadays, you can find a hot plate in every corner of the world.

Types of Hot Plates

Types of Hot Plates

The working of this device is simple. There is a power coil at the core of this device. We power the core to produce heat. So, with the help of the core, this device produces heat and cooks food. According to the power supply of the core, there are 3 types of hot plates- electric, induction, and gas.

Electric Hot Plates

The core of this device gets power from electricity. There are two types of coils. Exposed coil and integrated coil. The latter distributes the heat more evenly. So, an integrated coil cooker is more popular among chefs. You can buy a single burner or double burner electric device as you prefer. It has easy control buttons. So, you can select your intended heat and mode without any effort. The cost of electricity for this device is not too much.

Induction Hot Plates

The induction device uses an electromagnetic power field. This type is more efficient than the others. It can well-distribute the heat. The induction cooker needs induction-suitable cookware. Nonstick and induction-suitable stainless steel are usable cookware for this cooker. You can cook quicker than an electric or gas cooker using an induction one. This has become the most-used type at present.

Gas Hot Plates

The gas device uses gas to supply the necessary power to the core. Propane gas is used as fuel for this cooker. This type of device is more suitable for camping. Because there might be no electricity outside but only gas. This device is known for efficient cooking more than an electric device. There is a single and double burners cooker as you like it.

What is a Hot Plate Advantage

What is a Hot Plate Advantage

We need to cook food every day. Cooking is a part and parcel of our daily life. This cooker has become our trustworthy cooking friend. We can find it in every kitchen. This device is so popular because of its advantages. Let’s check out some advantages of a Hot Plate.

  • Portable Device: This is a mini portable device. The size and weight of this cooker are so tiny and light that you can move it around your house at ease. You can set this cooker wherever you want and cook your food. You can carry your portable cooker wherever you visit.
  • Quick Hot Food: This cooker is simple to handle. You can turn this on whenever you want to hot your snacks. Sometimes our snacks and coffees become cold. We can turn our foods back hot using this cooker. You can control the heat so efficiently that you can never overheat it.
  • Camping and Travel: Food is an important issue if you travel and camp. Carrying this device with you solves this problem. You can cook hot foods while you travel. You can set up a gas hot plate even in the middle of a forest while camping. So, you can cook your hot food now even in a deserted area where there is no electricity.
  • Family and Bachelor: This cooker is a useful accessory. It is the most-needed equipment of a family home to cook food for all the members. Again, if you are a bachelor and stay in lodging, it can be your best companion.
  • Scientific Lab: This device is used in scientific labs. It is useful to hot the chemical components for reaction. Scientists replace open flame sources like Bunsen Burner with this device.


A hot plate maintains standard quality safety measures. The device can control overheating problems. It turns off at an instant if the heat exceeds the largest unit it allows. This technology is called auto-pan detection. There is another safety feature named child safety lock in this cooker. This feature detects little fingers. Little fingers can not switch on this device. For further safety, do not leave this device off sight. Always cook food staying beside your device. Always keep a fire extinguisher in your kitchen for your safety measures.


We need food to stay alive. So, we must cook food every day. Hot Plates make your cooking work comfortable. We must have this cooking device in every kitchen for its versatile advantages. This portable device is easy to carry. So, this device has become a companion for your travel. After knowing What is a Hot Plate, anyone can realize that this device is a must for any kitchen.

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