What is Chinese Parsley? Its History and Uses in Kitchen

There are lots of inclusions in our kitchens. We use them to add specialties to our foods. Among them, some are native to some people but others are popular all across the border. Among these worldwide famous inclusions, Chinese Parsley is one. Here in this article, we will discuss this herb. Our main focus will be on what is Chinese Parsley. But that will not end, I will also talk about its history, different usages and also health benefits. So, without making any delay, let’s start today’s article.

What is Chinese Parsley

What is Chinese Parsley

The Chinese Parsley is a famous herb inclusion. It is also known as Coriander, parsley, or dhania. This is mainly a small green plant that’s all parts are edible. You will be able to use the green body, leaf, and even the seeds. This is a herb of anise’s kind. People mainly use this inclusion to add some special flavor and taste to foods. You can also cultivate this herb at your home. This grows in all climates. No special care will be important for this plant. You will find two kinds of people in this world. One group loves this inclusion very much. Another group hates it from the heart.

Its History

Nobody knows where and when this inclusion started being used in the cuisine. But it is known that at first, this was considered as wild grass. It grew in West Asia and East Europe. That means in the Mediterranean area. Some people believe that this herb had huge use in the greek and Roman empires. But later, with its popularity, it spread in Asia and other parts of the world. At one point, European people lost its seed and plant to grow again. Then they take it from the Asia region. The name of this now suggests that it is from China. But India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and other south and east Asian countries grow this on a large scale.

Different Usages Of Chinese Parsley

Different Usages Of Chinese Parsley

There are a lot of usages of this herb. You will love its presence in your recipes. I already said that Chinese Parsley has both lovers and haters. But those who love this inclusion in their regular foods, try to use them a lot. Here I am going to show you some uses of this item in our regular food and other items. So, let’s see.

As a garnish

One of the main uses of Chinese Parsley is as a garnish. We actually cook food to eat and take its taste. But sometimes we try to serve them beautifully. That is also a very important part of presenting the food. Though in this way, Chinese Parsley is not bearing the role of inclusion but it helps to increase the beauty of food. There are many other garnishes in the kitchen but I personally love to use this green leaf.

As a Salad

Salads help us to increase some food value or nutrition value in our food. Besides this, salad has another responsibility to bear, that is adding some vegetables to our food. So, they have very high importance in our food list. The Chinese Parsley is a famous salad item. Though it alone can not be a salad but with some other element, it will be best. A number of people love this as a salad. I also tried a few days ago. It’s amazing.

As a Sauce

You might have heard the name of tomato sauce or other sauces. But have you ever heard the name “Chinese Parsley sauce”? Actually, there is no such sauce. But this green plant and its leaf can work as a sauce. The flavor and taste of this herb is amazing. Some people use this type of sauce in foods like Boston sushi rolls. You also can try it in your recipe.

As a Flavor

This is the main use of this plant food element or inclusion. People love this for its flavor-spreading nature. If you use some leaves of this plant in your recipe then it will smell amazing. I personally love Chinese Parsley in my recipes. That’s why I am saying it’s amazing. But those who don’t love it might think differently. But this is the main use of this inclusion.

Chinese Parsley Benefits

Chinese Parsley Benefits

As a member of natural fresh food, this bears some benefits with it for us. If we take it regularly in our recipes or alone, then our body will be benefited and finally, we will enjoy the result. Here I am going to reveal some health benefits of eating Chinese Parsley alone or with food. But before going to the main part of discussing the benefits, You need to know what is there in  Chinese Parsley. There is 92% water, 4% carbohydrates, 2% protein, and less than 1% fat. So, they will work for you.

  • Water: Water is very important for us. Though the water from Chinese Parsley will not affect your body’s need for water because we eat a small amount of it with food. But if you think differently then this small amount will help you in the long run. So, this is a good side of this inclusion.
  • Protein: You already know that it has 2% protein. This is a very essential element of our body. We need it in high amounts. But if you take Chinese Parsley as inclusion and get some benefit from it then it will be a bonus for you. 
  • Less Fat: Fat is unexpected for us. We always avoid this and try to get rid of this. But it is very hard to do because most of our foods bear it with them. The item we are talking about today has less fat. So, it is good for our body.

So, these are the health benefits of this inclusion element. I hope it is clear to you now.


That was all about this herb today. Now you know what is Chinese Parsley. Other information is also given in this article. We have other articles about different foods. You may read them to know about. It is important to know about the foods we eat. Thanks for reading from us.

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