What is Maple Extract? Know Nutrition Value & Benefits

Today we will diiscuss What is Maple Extract? To make our food taste and attracting flavoring we use different types of flavors. Among these flavors, one is Maple. This flavor is used in a lot of recipes to make the food smell yummy. Some of us like maple flavor and some others do not like it.

This flavoring item is very famous around the world and they want to know about it a lot. For them, I bring here a very informative article answering some famous but unclear questions like what is maple extract, what is maple extract made of, its nutrition value, and finally it’s health benefits. So, let’s start knowing all these.

What is Maple Extract

Maple extract is a flavoring syrup. People use this syrup to make their food tastier and attract flavoring. There are different types of maple extracts. They are pure, natural, imitation, and finally artificial maple extract.

The first two are very very healthy and contain original extract but the latter two are man-made. They smell like maple but they are not made in a healthy way. For these reasons, some people don’t like this in their food.

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What is Maple Extract Made of

Everything we make, they have some ingredients. These ingredients make the final food or food element. The Maple extract has some elements which make it. These ingredients are given below for your help and more knowledge about it.

  • Alcohol
  • Water
  • Natural Flavor
  • Extractives of Mountain Maple.

Alcohol is one of the main elements of this syrup.

Nutrition Value

In the nutritional value, it is not so high. It has many things that are not good for health. Here we are going to present all the sides of maple extract’s nutritional values. The measuring of all these elements is based on 1 tablespoon of it.


Calories are important for many reasons. And sometimes it is not expected. An extra calorie is not good for our body. If we talk about calories in Maple Extract then we will find a low rate. One tablespoon of Maple Extract syrup has only 5 calories. The calorie rate it has is not bad for our bodies.


We don’t want fat in our bodies, especially extra fat. If you also don’t want fat then you may take this flavoring syrup without any tension. This syrup has no fat in it. But over drinking or extra use of it in food may create problems for you because there may be other bad sides.


Another important element of food is cholesterol. This plays multiple purposes in our body. The percentage of it is also very low in Maple Extract. In one tablespoon of maple extract, there is no cholesterol. It is only 0g.


Any high blood pressure patient and diabetic patient also can take it with their food. It has no sugar-type element that can increase the level of carbohydrates in it. There is only 1g carbohydrate in 1 tablespoon of this extract syrup.


The 5mg sodium in 1 tablespoon syrup is really high. This is very important for our body. You can take this extract in your food. But you should be aware if you are a high blood pressure patient.


Protein is important for our body. We need it more to be more healthy. But like some good and bad elements of food, maple extract has no protein in it. 0g protein in 1 tablespoon of it.

Maple Extract Health Benefits

Besides some good elements of food, this Extract has some bad elements too. They have both good and bad effects on our bodies. Judging all the food elements we find in maple extract, let’s find some health benefits of it.

Low Calories

Maple extract has low calories in it. We usually use one or two tablespoons of syrup in our food for a flavor. That amount of it will not create any high change in calories of our food. We may use this flavoring syrup in our food.

We need to judge the calories of our main food before judging maple extract’s calories. This will not create any harm for our body in the case of calories.

Enough Sodium

Sodium is important for our body for many reasons. We need to take it in a high ratio. We should not take it extra nor should we take it less. The amount of sodium we find in this Extract is good enough for our health. One tablespoon of Maple extract has 5mg sodium. This is one of the benefits of this flavoring syrup for our body.

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What is Maple Extract?(FAQ)

Is maple extract suitable for the skin?

No scientific evidence suggests maple extract is helpful for the skin. However, it is a natural source of antioxidants and may have moisturizing properties, so it may be used as a minor ingredient in skincare products.

What is artificial maple extract?

Artificial maple extract typically contains a combination of natural and synthetic flavorings, including vanillin, caramel, and other chemicals that mimic maple syrup’s taste and aroma.

Can you eat maple extract?

Maple extract is usually a highly concentrated flavoring from natural or artificial sources. It is not intended to be eaten on its own. Instead, it is typically used in small amounts as a flavoring agent in various recipes, such as baked goods, sauces, and beverages.

Therefore, while consuming small amounts of maple extract is not harmful, it is not recommended to eat it directly.


In the last part of it, I want to mention again the types of Maple Extracts. If you can take pure or natural Maple extract then I can say that this is mostly good for your body. But the other two types like Imitation and artificial are not so good for us.

I hope now you know what is Maple Extract and all the information about it. When you are planning to eat a new food or food element they try to know about it. You can visit us to get to know them.

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