What is Metaxa? Its History, Ingredients, and Types

There are lots of wine brands in this world. Among them, some are widely known. Here we are going to talk about one of such famous wine brands, Metaxa. Here in this article, we will learn about this from history to its present, its ingredients, and also its substitutes. The main discussion will be on what is Metaxa. So, without making any delay, let’s start knowing about this brand.

What is Metaxa

What is Metaxa

Metaxa is a famous Greek wine brand that was established in 1888. This famous brand has huge popularity all over the world. Now, about 60 countries importing this spirit in their country for its popularity. At first, Spyros Metaxa created this, and still, they are the main producer of this blended spirit drink. This has a different variety of productions. They are known as 3 stars, 5 stars, 7 stars, 12 stars,s and finally the grand find and private reserved. All are famous but they have different tastes and flavors in them. If you are a spirited drink lover then you can taste that at home.

Its History

The history of Metaxa is very old and prolific. Its founder, Spyros Metaxa was born in 1848 in a silk merchant family. But he has a passion for the wine business. For that reason, he started traveling to different parts of the world and try to collect different wine brand’s wine. In 1888, he started the present brand. The first shipment of Metaxa went to America in 1900. When the company building was making, they found a strange greek god’s dummy. From then, they added the dummy picture on the bottle level.

What is Metaxa Brandy Made from?

What is Metaxa Brandy Made from

The elements are used to make Metaxa is very secret. Nobody knows about this except the production manager. But different sources inform that the main element of making Metaxa is from Greek’s own. Brandy is the main element of it and another thing they add with the brandy. And that is the dried grape wine of Greek. Finally, they add Muscat wine with it to give it a final look. Some of them are flora flavored some are fruit-flavored. They add some different types of smells to this wine. This is not the final process of Metaxa but this is very common and true about this brand. The former blend overseer Constantinos Raptis ensures that.

Different Types of Metaxa

There are different types of this brand product. They define and distinguish them by giving different names adding ‘star’ words. Here is a short description of these products.

  • 5 Stars: This type of this brand wine is mainly flora flavored. They make this to serve neat with ice. This is for long drinks only.
  • 7 Stars: The flavor of this type of spirited drink is fruity. This is also for neat serve only. But you can add ice to it or in cocktails.
  • 12 Stars:  This is the main type of Metaxa. Some also call it their flagship product. They design this type to serve with ice or in cocktails.
  • Grand Fine: The main specialty of this type is its bottle design. This is the main difference between this from the other types of it.
  • Private Reserve: This is a special type of Metaxa. The maker of this is Mr.  Constantinos Raptis. They produce this type once a year. And they give it to special people.

How to Drink Metaxa

How to Drink Metaxa

There are different choices of different people to drink this distilled spirit. Some people like it to drink with ice. This is the most common way to drink any kind of wine. You also can do drink this with ice. The different types of Metaxa discussed above are popularly drink with ice. Another way of drinking distilled spirit is with sour beverages. You can take Mango Nectar as a helping drink of Metaxa. This sour beverage will increase the taste of drinking this distilled spirit.

People from different parts of the world love this way of drinking wines. Another famous way of drinking wine is with cocktail. This is available all over the world. The cocktail is a mixture drinks of wines. Cocktails themselves are the combination of spirited drinks. It increases the taste and flavor of Metaxa many times. Many people love this helping drink. You can also try it with your drink.

Metaxa Substitute

Metaxa is a kind of distilled spirit. But this is not the only brand of this type of drink. Here are some substitutes for this brand to choose from for you. You can take one from the list to get the taste of the distilled spirit. 

  • Whiskey: This is one of the most famous distilled spirit drinks. This has huge popularity all around the world. The main element of this drink is grain mash.
  • Oghi: Oghi is a fruit-made wine-type drink. This is a native of America. The main element of this distilled spirit is home garden fruits.
  • Rectified spirit: This is another famous substitute for today’s discussion topic. This is a Polish brand. This also has huge popularity around the world.
  • Old Tom Gin: This is an old brand from England. It had popularity once, but now it is losing its quality and also users.
  • Rakı: This is a famous drink from Turkey. This is most popular in the Balkan countries. This is also a substitute for Metaxa.


Wine, distilled spirit, or any other alcoholic drinks, all are bad for our health. They have bad effects on our bodies. But still, they are famous. If you want to be healthy, then you need to avoid it. But if you are a fan of them, they try to reduce drinking. That was all about what is Metaxa. I hope you get a lot of information about this distilled spirit. If you want to know about more foods, then read other articles from us. Thanks for reading.

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