What is Tripas? How to Clean it and Some Uses of It

Our food list is huge. We eat almost everything found in this world that is edible. Among them, some are local food and others are international. But there are some foods that all of us know about. Here I am going to talk about one such food that is very healthy and tasty but not known to the world. The name of this food is tripas. Here in this article, I will tell you what is tripas, about their safety, their uses in different recipes, and many other things. So, without making any delay, let’s start.

What is Tripas

What is Tripas

Tripas is a Spanish word that means tripe. It consists of the lining of the cow’s stomach, which is cleaned and boiled to be prepared as an ingredient in various dishes. In Mexico, the restaurants serve it with eggs, chiles, onions, and tomatoes. Tripas are high in protein and vitamin A while low in fat. They can also provide relief for people suffering from stomach ulcers or irritable bowel syndrome. Because they contain about 50% soluble fiber content which can help bind stool together. You will know more about this in the following sections of this article. So, continue reading attentively.

Is Tripa safe to eat?

The word “tripas” doesn’t sound too appealing. Many people are hesitant to try this Mexican delicacy because they have never had it before and don’t know what is in the dish. Tripas is one of such dishes that has less taste than talk. People are using this item of animals as food for humans and pets. There are a number of recipes for this. People have been eating this for a long time. But till now, nothing bad comes out about it. Some laboratory research has also been done but there also the tripas proved to be safe. So, we can say that the tripas is safe for us if we can cook it properly and no toxic ingredient is added with it.

How to clean Tripa?

The tripas is a small, edible intestine that we find in the stomachs of beef and sheep. They are often served as a dish at Mexican restaurants or consumed by local people in Spain.

But before cooking, You have to clean this animal lining properly. They contain the ordure of the animal. So, you need to clean it very well to make it more healthy. If you fail to clean it well then you will not be even able to eat it. Tripas are typically boiled with onion, garlic, salt, and pepper to clean them before cooking. But this is not enough detail to learn cleaning.  Here I am going to show you how to clean tripa in detail at home with 100% perfection.

  • Step 1: The first step of cleaning the animal lining is rubbing it with rock salt. This will remove all the dirt. You have to rub on both sides But this is not enough. You have to follow the following section too.
  • Step 2: Scrape both the sides of tripas with any sharp material. You can use a knife to do this. 
  • Step 3: The third step is also very important. Here you have to use white vinegar on both sides of the tripas. This will make it purer and remove impurities from it.
  • Step 4: Then the final step. You have to boil this with onion, salt, garlic, and pepper to make it ready to cook.

You have to follow these steps very carefully to make your tripas ready before cooking. Preparing this takes a lot more time than cooking.

Some Tripa Recipe

This post is about a meal that has been eaten in Mexico and the United States for many years. It’s called tripas, and it’s made with beef tripe. But in this section of this article, we will know about some recipes that need tripas. These recipe ideas will help you to present this in a delicious way to animal lining lovers.

What is Tripas’ Nutrition Value

What is Tripas' Nutrition Value

Tripas are the small intestines of a cow, and they have been eaten by cultures for centuries. They are typically used in Mexican dishes, such as tacos al pastor. Here I will tell you what tripas nutrition value is so that you’ll know if it’s something worth trying. The basic food nutrition elements are calories, fat, cholesterol, carbohydrates, and protein. Let’s see which element has what amount.

  • Calories: In 100g tripas, it has about 95 calories. This is not very high in amount. You can take this even if you want to lose weight and burn calories. One healthy person needs 2000 calories a day. 
  • Fat: Almost all meats have a huge amount of fat. They are not good for us. We always try to avoid this for good health. If you also want to consume more animal items except for fat then tripas is a good option. You will only get 3.5g fat in 100g of it. This is a very low amount.
  • Cholesterol: Tripas are rich in cholesterol. You will get almost 45% cholesterol of your daily needs from 100g tripas. This is about 135mg.
  • Carbohydrate: There is no carbohydrate in this food. So, if you are a diabetics patient then you need not worry about eating it.
  • Protein: This is very good food because it has very high protein. You will get almost 13g of protein in 100g of it. This is a very good side of food. If you take 100 tripas a day then you will get 26% of your needs.


Now you know all about tripas. Also tripas vs chitlins. Our main topic was what is tripas. We try to inform you it’s some recipes. This is a very dirty thing from the beginning. But converting it as food is a very hard and long process. After following this article from beginning to end, you will be able to do everything alone. Thanks for reading this article. We have more articles on food. You can read them to know more.

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