What is a Boston Sushi Roll? Its health benefits and ingredients

Among the rolls, some like chicken and some like vegetables. But besides these two types of rolls, there are some more types of rolls that will give you a different taste. Here we are going to talk about one such roll that is famous all around the world. Especially they are famous in the USA and Japan. The name of this roll is Boston Roll or Boston sushi roll. The main thing I will discuss in this article is ‘what is a Boston sushi roll’. Some terms will get priority in this article like the main ingredients of this roll, its health benefits, and also nutritional value. So, without making any delay, let’s start.

What is a Boston Sushi Roll

Boston roll is the same as Japan’s famous Sushi roll. Some say that this is the American version of Sushi roll. This Japanese food is famous not only in Japan but also in some other countries. After loving this Japanese roll, some Americans tried to bring this to their own country. They make a fusion in the recipe and make it more American. There are varieties of recipes from person to person but most of the things are the same and common in all the recipes. The Japanese sushi roll has seafood in it but in Boston sushi, people use poached shrimp. They also use sushi rice in it. This is the same with the traditional roll recipe. This is what is a Boston Sushi Roll. The next sections will give more information about this. So, continue reading them.

Boston Sushi Roll Ingredients

  • Sushi Rice: This is one of the main elements of this roll. Sushi rice is traditional in Japan. This makes the make of this roll. This rice will need to wrap the other elements. 
  • Nori Sheet: This sheet helps the rice to be united. Without a nori sheet, the rice will go apart. You need it very much when planning to make a Boston roll at home.
  • Shrimp: Shrimp is the only seafood used in this roll. The main element of a sushi roll is seafood. But in Boston sushi, no other seafood is used than this. It will increase the taste and also add some flavor.
  • Avocado: Some people use avocado in their roll, others use cucumber. Some of them like both in it. You can add according to your choice.
  • Cucumber: Usually half of a proper size cucumber needs to make a 3 piece roll. But you can use less than the recommended size. 
  • Masago:  This is the color-adding element of this recipe. A deep red color will make the roll more attractive and amazing. This makes the roll look delicious.

Its Health Benefits

Most elements of the Boston roll are natural and fresh. The combination of these natural items will give you more benefits for your health. Here I will show you some health benefits of Boston sushi rolls for your body.

Source Of Calories

Any rice is full of calories. The sushi rice also has some calories in it. If you take 2 or 3 rolls a day then it will meet the need for calories in many ways. You need to know that a healthy and mature person needs 2000-3000 calories a day. This is good. But if you can use brown rice in it then it will be more beneficial for your health.

Seafood Benefits

This roll is abundant in seafood. One of them is the Shrimp. This is the element that is mostly good for our health. The Shrimp has a huge amount of iodine in it. This is best for our health, teeth, and also bone. Seafood protects our skin from the sunshine and makes it attractive. The seafood people use in Boston roll will help your body in many ways.

Fresh Fruits

The fresh fruits like avocado and cucumber are full of vitamins and other food elements that are essential for our health. These vitamins work for our eyes, skin, and hair. So, they are also good for our health. Thus we can say that the Boston sushi roll has multiple benefits for our body.

Boston Sushi Roll Nutrition Value

Boston Sushi Roll Nutrition Value

Nutrition value determines the food’s quality and its good or bad sides. As we are talking about the Boston roll, it is important to know the nutritional value of this roll. So, let’s start knowing it.

  • Calories: One middle size Boston sushi roll has almost 280 calories. This is very high in calories. Thinking about the size of it, it is more than any other rolls.
  • Fat: Fat is an unwanted member of our food list. Nobody wants it but it is available in almost all recipes. One sushi roll has 4g fat. You should not eat it in big amounts.
  • Protein: Protein is important for our body. This helps our body to grow well and it helps our body in different ways to be fit. In Boston sushi rolls, the amount of protein is also high. It has 13g protein.
  • Sodium: Sodium is another important food element that we need. This element helps our blood pressure and also muscle development. This roll has 430mg sodium.
  • Carbohydrate: This is important for some of us and bad for diabetics patients. This is very high in Boston sushi rolls. One roll has 49g of it. This is very high in number.

That was all about the nutrition value of the Boston sushi roll. You can take it in a moderate amount justifying your body’s need.


In the last section of this article, I want to make you aware that consumption of food is important but you need to separate good and bad foods for you. If you can avoid bad foods and take good foods they will work for you properly. That is all about what is a Boston sushi roll. I hope you enjoy this article and get a clear idea about this. Come and read about other food items from us. Thanks for reading.

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