What is a Brining Bag? Its Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

We have made a food revolution over the centuries. Our tastes for food have changed greatly. We always try to taste new recipes to give a shake to our senses of taste. It is a hobby of many people to visit across the globe and try different food recipes. Some people like to find out new food recipes over the internet. Some of them just like to read about food. Whatever your case, today we will provide information about What is a Brining Bag.

What is a Brining Bag

Brining Bag is a popular method of Brining turkey chicken. We brine turkey with salty water, orange, and spices. This brining process makes the chicken delicious and flavorful. This process makes your turkey more tender and softer. It helps to preserve the real taste of the meat. Fresh turkey is best for Brining Bag process. We should avoid frozen turkey to execute this marinating process.

What is a Brining Bag made from

What is a Brining Bag made from

It’s a widely used process among the turkey lovers of the world. The main thing when Brining a turkey is to make a salty liquid solution in a bag and put the turkey in it. Let’s learn how to make a Brining Bag below.

  • Large Food Bag: Firstly, you need a large food bag to submerge your turkey into the salty solution. You must not choose garbage plastic bags, because those are not good for food and health.
  • Fresh Turkey: The most important thing is that you choose a fresh turkey. Frozen turkey is not good for this process. You cannot brine a before brined turkey.
  • Kosher Salt: Kosher salt is the main ingredient of your solution. You can use 1.5 cups of kosher salt for 32 cups of solution.
  • Water: You must need water to make a solution. Water and kosher salt are used to make the liquid solution of the Brining Bag.
  • Apple Cider or Juice: You can mix apple cider with the solution to make your turkey more moisture and juice.
  • Sugar: Some sugar is used to make the turkey tastier.
  • Oranges: You can cut the orange into pieces and put it into the solution. It can enhance the flavor of your turkey.
  • Spices: You can add spices to the liquid solution. Allspice and peppercorn go well with this solution. This will make your brined turkey spicier.

After making the liquid solution, you have to submerge the turkey into the solution in a food bag. Then, you must put the Brining Bag into refrigeration. Put the bag into refrigeration for 12 to 18 hours. Now the process is complete. Bring the turkey out of the liquid solution and cook it as you like best.

Nutrition Facts

To keep our bodies free from disease, we need to eat good food. We must know the nutrition facts of any food to decide which food is good for us. Let’s gather some information about the nutrition facts of the Brining Bag.

  • Calories: Brined Turkey gives you a lot of calories. There are 190 calories in 4 oz of meat.
  • Fat: Every meat contains a lot of fat. Fat harms your body. But brined turkey is an exception. It produces a lot less fat compared to other meat sources. 4 oz of meat only gives you 10 grams of Fat. 3 grams of them are Saturated fat.
  • Cholesterol: High cholesterol rate in your blood causes heart diseases and blood pressure. The matter of comfort is that brined turkey is low in cholesterol. There is 80 mg cholesterol per 4 oz meat.
  • Sodium: We already know that Brining Bag turkey is a salt-marinated turkey. Sodium keeps the meat fresh and free from harmful bacteria. These bacteria cause food poisoning. But too much sodium intake is harmful. There is 135 mg sodium per 4 oz of turkey.
  • Protein: Like every other meat, this food is a good source of animal protein. Protein gives us strength and vitamins. Brined turkey is rich in proteins. There are 23 grams of proteins in every 4 oz of turkey. 

We can also find Iron, Calcium Vitamin B12 in a brined turkey. 

Health Benefits

Health Benefits

Food does many things to our body. Food fills our stomachs. It gives us the strength to work. But we must eat a balanced amount of food. Eating too much causes harm to our bodies. Some food ingredients should be taken as little as possible. Let’s know the effect of Brining Bag on our body.

Necessary Protein

Human beings need animal protein for strength. This meat fills our stomachs and gives us a lot of necessary protein. The Calcium and Iron found in brined turkey make our bones strong.

Less Fat

The level of fat is much less in this meat. Low-level fat keeps your body fit and free from diseases.

Sodium Marinated Meat

High sodium intake deals a lot of damage to your body. It is the cause of high blood pressure and heart diseases. We know that brined turkey is a salt-marinated turkey. So you must not take a lot of this meat if you are concerned about your sodium intake.


Every meat produces some cholesterol and brined turkey is no exception. But the good news is that it contains less cholesterol. High cholesterol level in the blood causes a heart attack.


The food habits are different in every second nation. People are so fond of newer tastes that they cook the same food differently. Brined turkey is an example of this effort. Some people prefer to cook a fresh turkey. Some other people prefer to do the Brining Bag marinating process. Then they cook the marinated turkey. Now, as you know What is a Brining Bag, let us know how you prefer to eat turkey.

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