What is Irish Bacon? Its Nutrition Value and Health Benefits

We are worshippers of food. We take food to survive. Some of us take food to stir our senses of taste. Again, some of us like to explore the food world. We are here to help you with your conquest into the universe of food. In this regard, here we will discuss What is Irish Bacon. Let’s scroll down to begin your journey.

What is Irish Bacon

What is Irish Bacon

Irish Bacon is piggy meat manufactured in Ireland. It is well renowned all over the world. Unlike American Bacon, the meat of this bacon comes from the back part of a pig. You can cook it or you can preserve it by salt curing method. People across the globe usually eat it with breakfast. Some people eat it as their light dinner. You can make a handful of recipes with this bacon. Again, you can take it with some eggs or bread or even sandwiches.

What is Irish Bacon made from

We already know that Irish Bacon is the best quality pig meat. It is made from the back part of a fine pig. You can make this delicious food following the process below.

  • Back Part of Pig: To make a fine Irish Bacon, we need to cut slices of meat from the back part of a finely bred pig. 
  • Salt Curing: We can cook slices of meat on a pan. Or, we can maintain the salt curing process to make bacon more flavored and colorful. 
  • Fry on a Pan: We have to fry the slices of bacon meat on a pan. It would be best if we fry it into its fat. We have to fry it until it turns into a brownish color.
  • Spices: You can add different types of spices. You can use peppercorn and allspice to make your piece of bacon spicier. 
  • Serve It: Now is the time to serve your bacon.  

You can make many more food items with it. It can go with burgers, fried rice, and sandwiches as well.

Nutrition Facts

Nutrition Facts

We have to taste different types of foods all over the world and at the same time stay healthy. We must know the nutrition facts of any food to maintain a balanced diet. Let’s take a quick look at the Nutrition Values of Irish Bacon.

  • Calories: It produces a high rate of calories. There are 541 calories in every 100 grams of this bacon. So, you must focus on burning the calories after you eat it.
  • Fat: As this bacon is pure pig meat, like any other meat, it produces a high rate of Fat. The good side is that it offers you the best Fat vs. Protein ratio. You can find 42 grams of Fat in every 100 grams. 14 grams of them are Saturated fat that is not so harmful to the human body.
  • Cholesterol: There is 110 mg of cholesterol in every 100 grams of this bacon. 
  • Sodium: This bacon is sometimes salt-cured for preservation, color, and flavor. So, you can find the rate of Sodium is a bit high. There is 1717 mg of Sodium in Every 100 grams of it.
  • Potassium: The rate of potassium of this bacon is 565 mg per 100 grams.
  • Carbohydrate: The rate of carbohydrates is almost zero. There are only 1.4 grams of it per 100 grams.
  • Protein: Last but not least protein. The rate of protein in it is very sweet. There are 37 grams of protein in every 100 grams. We can find Calcium, Iron, Vitamin D, Vitamin B-6, Magnesium, and Cobalamin among proteins. 

Health Benefits

Health Benefits

We must not submit ourselves completely to the taste of any food. While worshipping tastes, we must not become blind and forget what the food might do to your body. Let’s scroll down and find out the Health Benefits of Irish Bacon.

The rate of Fat and Cholesterol

We already know that this bacon contains a high amount of Fat and Cholesterol. Many believe both of these nutrients cause heart diseases. The good news is that the cholesterol found in it is Dietary Cholesterol. It is not so harmful to your heart. Nonetheless, you must not take it every day for your safety measures.

Animal Protein

This bacon is a good source of animal protein that gives your body a lot of energy and vitamins. Vitamin B-6 found in it does a lot of good to your red blood cells. 

The rate of Sodium

Every salt-cured meat contains a lot of sodium. This bacon is no exception. Sodium can be a problem if you suffer from a high blood pressure problem. Eating salty foods like this bacon would increase your blood pressure. As it is processed meat, it can be a link to your heart disease and diabetes.


Like every other food lover, we like to explore the vast collection of foods. We worship the tastes of different foods from different countries. But we must check the Health Benefits of any food before taking it for the betterment of our health. Irish Bacon is no exception in this regard. This bacon is a good source for your tastes and proteins. At the end of the day, after knowing What is Irish Bacon, we recommend you not to take it every day.

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